The Pakele Foundation is a Hawai`i-based 501c (3) nonprofit organization. The Foundation helps Native Hawaiian youth and cultural practitioners in our community gain experience and training in technology and economic development. Successful Native Hawaiian, and minority-owned business leaders, designed it to offer them unique opportunities. These leaders and business people wanted to use their experience and talents to provide support for “shovel ready” projects that could keep our Native Hawaiian youth engaged in healthy and productive activities.

The Pakele Foundation was created to help our youth become successful business people in Hawai`i. It provide wholly unique opportunity to both support Hawai`i’s cultural knowledge -- and serve as a successful economic development model – since this program would involve successful Native Hawaiians teaching Native Hawaiians and others interested in the culture. To be successful in the current – and future -- economies, the effective/efficient use of technology and new media will be vital.

The Pakele Foundation’s cultural philosophy is based on the founders’ experiences in which successful kūpuna taught many of today’s most successful artists the skills they needed to succeed. The Foundation will use that cultural model to expand, formalize and institutionalize those cultural learning practices. This will enable youth -- who struggle to learn and perpetuate the Native Hawaiian culture’s most valuable skills and knowledge – to learn the business and technology skills necessary to be successful in their efforts.
The Pakele Foundation wishes the Happiest Holidays and All the best to you and your `ohana. Here's to a wonderful 2011!